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Tire Repair Review

I went in for a tire repair on my Toyota tundra. It's 3 weeks old. The greasy guy approached to sit in my truck and I asked if I can drive my own truck. After this he ignored me and refused my service. So I gave them the greasy hood ornament they left on my truck and left. What ever happened to the good old days when a customer meant something to a business
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I own a 2010 Tundra 4x4. I needed to replace my front shocks and have the vehicle aligned. Next day, I notice black grease all over passenger front fender. They had busted the cv joint boot!!! I brought truck back in and was treated like the "bad" guy, but they...
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Broussard, Louisiana
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My car was wearing the rear driverside tire out on the inside(fully independent rearend). I went to allied to get a full set of specific tires (they told me they had them no problem) and a full alignment. When the car came out it had a comepletely different brand tire...
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I have two vehicles that have to have the tires replaced pre-maturely because Allied under inflates the new tires when you purchase them. I take both vehicles to Allied for everything. When I realized the tires were not inflated properly & added air, I still had a...
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Your reality check

Inflation at tire installation is responsible for what happens to your tire for, oh, maybe the first week or so at the most. It is YOUR responsibility to see to it that your t...

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