Broussard, Louisiana
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I own a 2010 Tundra 4x4.I needed to replace my front shocks and have the vehicle aligned.

Next day, I notice black grease all over passenger front fender. They had busted the cv joint boot!!! I brought truck back in and was treated like the "bad" guy, but they replaced my once "factory" cv joint axle with a remanufactured cv axle. Well 2 weeks later I notice oil spot on my "new" concrete driveway.

Guess what?! It's gear oil!! Gear oil is leaking from the cv joint axle and differential gear case joint, of the same side they "repaired". Guess what again?!

I went over to discuss and I'm once again treated like the "bad" guy.

Take it from me!!!Think twice before going to this location!!!

Monetary Loss: $300.


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